Thursday, September 13, 2007


entering to the twilight zone

It’s been a long time since I step onto Muara Tebas or more commonly known as 绿山. Since my friend from KL was here, we brought him there for some seafood by the jetty. It was a 30 minutes drive and our driver was very good in avoiding the loop holes on the road. The whole van was filled with laughter and crazy antics just like a bunch of school kids. The air was cold and misty as we reached the jetty and boats were docked by after a day of catch.

Sin Soon Lee just next to the jetty

Since the more popular of the two restaurants was closed for the nite, we opted for the other one. We ordered whatever the waitress introduces to us since she kept on repeating what there have over and over again. So our dinner for that nite was on her hands.

salty vegetable soup with seafood and meat - a little bit bland

deep fried squid - crowd's fav, crispy and yummy!

butter prawns - a bit of a disappointment

oyster omelete (o chien) - another crowd's fav

small lettuce in garlic - the only non meat in our menu

steam fish in teochew style - fresh.....

wash down the meal with a fresh coconut

The dinner was great with the compliment of a drama played next table. The story involves an old man and a girl from China. Seems that the China girl is angry with the old man of neglecting her and not pampering her enough. Very dramatic indeed! After dinner, we all head back in a subtle mood since everyone was too full to joke around anymore. Burp!!!

the gang with the pink KL guy

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