Monday, September 03, 2007


Causeway Bay Hong Kong restaurant at Crown Square

My passion for dim sum has never been able to fulfill in Kuching due to lack of good dim sum place here. I really wonder why there’s a lack of dim sum place here, doesn’t anyone in meow meow town love dim sum? Finally, my prayer has been answered in the form of Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant. Located at the newly renovated Crown Square at Pending, it is a member of the Lok Thian Group of restaurant. When I first went there a few months back the place was totally deserted. I guess Kuching folks still not awaken by the smell of piping hot dim sum. After been in the dark for so long, Kuching folks finally packed the new restaurant t the brim. Basically you have to line up at the main entrance just to wait for your turn to be seated. Please be more civilized and wait your turn in line, don’t be like some people who are still in the Stone Age and jump queue like you own the place. I encountered that once and the person dare to look back at me as if I am the guilty one.

the morning crowd at the restaurant

They served dim sum from 7 am till 4 pm everyday. Although the dim sum is pork free, they still taste as yummy as those that are not. The ingredients are fresh and best eaten when still hot. One thing that stands out among the sea of dim sum is their ‘polo pau’. This is the real stuff compared with all the imitation sold at our local bakeries. One bite will makes you want for more. Other than dim sum, they also served typical Hong Kong tea house favorite like thick toast, fried rice, noodles, porridge, baked rice and lots more. The drinks are those typical stuff you can find at the local Hong Kong tea house like ‘ying yang’, ‘milk tea’, almond tea etc etc.

a must have at all dim sum restaurant, 'har kau' - succulent fresh prawn wrap in thin skin

typical Hong Kong style egg tart - crispy layered pastry with smooth egg custard

the original style 'polo pau' - crispy buttered skin filled with pineapple custard

siew mai - chicken meat with chinese mushroom, best eaten with sweet chilli sauce

fried dumpling - fresh prawn dumpling fried to perfection with tangy mayo sauce

fried meat balls in special sauce - tender chicken meat in sweet and sour sauce

fried rice with seafood in XO sauce - lots of seafood with fragrant XO sauce, a favorite

Hong Kong style fried beehoon - fried with curry powder and seafood

'ying yang' - combination of tea and coffee, can have it hot or cold, a favorite in Hong Kong

I can’t review all of the food here since I only have a small stomach but I’ll be constantly updating the food once I got the chance to do so. So if you want a taste of Hong Kong, don’t have to fly all the way there, Causeway Bay is the answer for all your cravings.

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