Monday, September 10, 2007


moon cake is in the air..........

Ahh…. the smell of moon cake is in the air again. I have to admit that I’m a moon cake addict and I don’t intend to go to any moon cake rehabilitation if there's any exists. Imagine all the different types of moon cakes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fillings, who can resist it? Not forgetting the creative packaging that they come with nowadays.

nice packaging....

Over this period I will volunteer to be the lab mice and out on my quest to find and taste all the nice moon cakes available out there. Just hope that I don’t get diabetes after the moon cake festival. Well…. all for the sake of you guys. Hehehe!

1st moon cake for the lab mice is from Yong Sheng. Dragon fruit filling with mochi centre. The dragon fruit filling is not so sweet and the moichi gives it a chewy bite. They were given a very nice name too, Auspicious (形容词)

next up is coffee with white lotus paste from Tai Thong. The coffee is subtle and not too over powering the lotus paste. The skin is made of butter instead of the usual that gives it a buttery and fragrant taste.

Another update for the moon cake testing. Tai Thong multi grain moon cake. A healthy version of our usual moon cake with nice crunchy texture.

Hei Yuet Thong is the new kids on the block. Never seen it before and was amazed by the varieties and the beautiful packaging that they have. This particular one is pu-er tea with lotus paste. The tea fragrant is strong just like having the real pu-er tea it self.

Yong Sheng blueberry with mochi. The mild blueberry taste blends well with the lotus paste and the mochi is chewy and QQ

German blackforest by Hei Yuet Thong, chocolate filling with blackforest in the middle. Just like having a really nice dessert

Hie Yuet Thong signature Green Tea with milk. The green tea compliment the milk centre very well. Even the skin is made of green tea. My fav!

Italian espresso with chestnut by Hie Yuet Thong. Aromatic coffee with chestnut center.

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Anonymous said...

The moon cake shops must be very blessed to have you as their customer. They got paid for the cakes you bought and received free advertisement from you:-) My mouth can't stop watering when I am reading your blog and looking at the pics.

Hmm, I can't wait to receive the gift from you. Thanks in advance:-)