Saturday, September 01, 2007


I spent my 50th Malaysian Birthday in The Living Room. You may ask why of all the places in the world, I would spend a special nite like this in The Living Room. It might sound dull but I can tell you that it’s cozy and nice to have my time around with friends chatting over drinks and relaxing on the floor with lotsa big pillows and soothing lighting. That’s life……

cute floating light balls in the pond

wooden plank patio with bamboo stilts and white clothe draps at the backyard garden to entertain friends and family

garden lounge chair near the pond to chill out after a tiring day at work

an old seesaw that i used to play with

the main living room with long sofas and curtain wall divider

the backyard garden with the pond and light balls

this is my living room


John77 said...

You should go visit FEV.ER (Formerly Eagle's Nest). I like the enviroment there. Blue

alexcjlau said...

I will.....