Wednesday, September 19, 2007


There had been numerous reports and incidents regarding flip flops or slippers stuck in escalators and people got hurt. Most of them are kids and it involves the ever popular Crocs shoes. Most of them blame it on Crocs but if you read carefully about the investigation, it is mostly caused by the negligence of the parents who let their kids jumping and fooling around at the escalators. One of the reasons is also due to the sturdy hold of Crocs shoes on the surface to prevent any slip. This can’t be a bad thing since Crocs are well known for their anti slippery and sturdy construction of their shoes. So please don’t blame it all on Crocs cos you’ll hurt the feelings of my little baby here.

my baby Crocs resting on the grass


Gallivanter said...

That is so lame, people blaming CROCS for their carelessness. I own a pair of black crocs (with strings) which I bought in Bali last Christmas. I love it!

alexcjlau said...

Yeah! Crocs are innocent animals! We all love Crocs!