Thursday, December 18, 2008


As the year draw to a close, Malaysian particularly those making decision still can’t learn from their mistakes. In a recent news report about University Malaya wanting to increase the number of its post graduates students to boost its ranking in the Times Higher Education Supplement, I was shock and yet laughing of how they are going to do it. As you all know, a good higher institution of learning depends largely on its co-curriculum, teaching staff and of course its student qualities. By all means, our local students qualities a by far one of the worse ever. If we still continue our way of admitting students based on the race quota, our local universities will never ever be of world class standard or even climbing up the rankings. A lot of excellent students are either turns away or not offered their preferred courses because of the race quota. Instead, those who are less qualified are offered their choice because of the race quota again. I had come to know that a Grade 3 SPM student being offered Engineering course while a Grade 1 student being offered an Arts course all because of their race. If the Government really thinks of improving our Universities standard, they should really think of only accepting students based on their qualifications and do away with the race quota. You can’t spoon feed the people everyday, let them compete for themselves to improve. Even if you are able to fulfill the quota, the quality is not there. Let’s not make our society, labeled as useless grads in the eye of the world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YOGA Banned???

Malaysia has done it again! This time, banning YOGA for the Muslim because it teaches chanting and indecent movements. What do I think of this…. ITS ALL CRAP AND STUPID NONSENCE! What can they think of banning next? Pilates? Body Combat? Wushu? Qi Gong? YOGA had been practiced by people even before Islam was born. It helps people to relax, calm, fit and even a cure for many illnesses that even by reading the Quaran can’t heal. Its not that I’m against Muslim or Islam, it’s those people with nothing to do or with shallow or empty brain that irks me the most. I think what GOD really wants regardless of religions are that mankind can live with a peaceful mind, body and soul. If Yoga can achieve that, I can assure you that GOD will be delighted of what we are doing. So to those people please don act like GOD and tell people what to do and not. We are all humans and can think of what is good for us. Lastly, get a LIFE so called professor or noble people! Now, I have to go back to my YOGA and promote it even further….. Ommm……

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Will Malaysia finally wake up from her stubborn sleep? With the historical win by Mr. Barrack Obama in the US Presidential election, will Malaysia finally wake up from its old governing system and make changes? Will the country lead by a leader who is elected by the people and not by the political party? Will a minority who is more capable rather than based on the majority of the race be elected as our leader in the future? All these are the answers that the people in Malaysia want to know. After all, we are all very frustrated with the current government and antics of the current politician. Like Barrack Obama said, CHANGE!

Friday, October 17, 2008


In memoriam of ‘Bibi’ 5th May 2001 – 17th October 2008. She was my precious when she 1st arrived on my lap, now she is gone forever. Her howling and barking will be missed much. She was a loyal friend to me and a very obedient and fun friend to be with. All the big and older dogs around my neighbors scared of her little feisty self. That’s my ‘Bibi’, the little doberman disguised in a dachshund body. May she rest in peace and I’m gonna miss you a lot……

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Bali... ahh.... The name itself will provoke a sense of serenity and relaxation. That's what i felt when i touch down on Bali. Bali is a place of mystical legends and a place full of sun and sea. A short visit will not justify that you have been there. You really need to explore the island and its surrounding. Indulge on the rich culture and food. There are so much to be digest here and you'll leave the place satisfied or maybe you won't even leave. I'm coming back to Bali again next year. Don't cry for me BALI!

a paradise on earth!

the villa that i stayed in Bali... nice and elegant

Tanah Lot, one of the many place you must visit

Uluwatu, one of the many important religious places in Bali

the luscious green padi field that dotted around Bali

the courtyard of the Royal residence of the Balinese King

sunset at Uluwatu

sunset dinner at Jimbara, very romantic and the seafood was great

a corn peddler by the beach... nice posed for a photo

BBQ corn anyone? very juicy and sweet!

this is not a worshipping ritual.... its Kecak dance, a folklore dance with no music and just chanting

this is the damn monkey that stole my specs and ate it.... hope he will get lots and lots of stomach ache

morning breakfast at the villa, energy to fuel up the day

lunch of traditional Balinese fare

the Pig place that you must visit if in Bali, its at Ubub next to the Royal Palace

a pig that feed the whole village

dinner of seafood by the beach

its party and party the night away.... there's Christina and Whitney!

dancing queen!!

a bleesing from Bali

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Once a year, Satok area will be turn into an arena of smells and sights. Its the time of Ramadan which is the month of the Muslim having their Puasa time. During this time, you'll be able to find an array of food that you just can't find during normal time. The smells and sights will make you hungry even before you actually taste the food it self. Name your liking and you'll be able to find it here. Just hope my waist line don't expand after this. Selamat Berbuka Puasa!

Hungry yet?????

Monday, September 15, 2008


all these will be gone forever

What is worse than forcing the folks at the old Gambier Street Market to move out from their live hood? The place that used to gives Kuching its distinctive character and a tourist destination will be demolish to make way for new shiny structures. The reason behind it was it was deemed unsafe and messy. This came from the morons that caused so much damaged to the character of Kuching that many associates with old charm splendor. Kuching will loss its identity as the birth place will be gone forever. It is no wonder why we lost so many tourists in Kuching as this town is becoming more and more stiff and dull. The old charm is all lost because of the Orang Utan who runs the show at the local authorities. I bet real monkeys can do better than this bunch of primates. The thing that I really felt out of place and should be BOMB down is the new State Legislative building. That thing is really an eye sore!

this really should go instead!!