Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YOGA Banned???

Malaysia has done it again! This time, banning YOGA for the Muslim because it teaches chanting and indecent movements. What do I think of this…. ITS ALL CRAP AND STUPID NONSENCE! What can they think of banning next? Pilates? Body Combat? Wushu? Qi Gong? YOGA had been practiced by people even before Islam was born. It helps people to relax, calm, fit and even a cure for many illnesses that even by reading the Quaran can’t heal. Its not that I’m against Muslim or Islam, it’s those people with nothing to do or with shallow or empty brain that irks me the most. I think what GOD really wants regardless of religions are that mankind can live with a peaceful mind, body and soul. If Yoga can achieve that, I can assure you that GOD will be delighted of what we are doing. So to those people please don act like GOD and tell people what to do and not. We are all humans and can think of what is good for us. Lastly, get a LIFE so called professor or noble people! Now, I have to go back to my YOGA and promote it even further….. Ommm……

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Will Malaysia finally wake up from her stubborn sleep? With the historical win by Mr. Barrack Obama in the US Presidential election, will Malaysia finally wake up from its old governing system and make changes? Will the country lead by a leader who is elected by the people and not by the political party? Will a minority who is more capable rather than based on the majority of the race be elected as our leader in the future? All these are the answers that the people in Malaysia want to know. After all, we are all very frustrated with the current government and antics of the current politician. Like Barrack Obama said, CHANGE!