Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's been a long time since i blog. All these due to my work load and also everything now can be found on my facebook. Found it tiring sometimes to update my facebook then do the same thing on m blog. Another reason is i sold my camera lately and still looking around for a new one. So should i continue with m blog or not? Hmmm.... should i, should i not?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


River Cafe, Segamat by the river along Jalan Sultan

River Cafe, Segamat at nite... nice place to chill out

River Cafe, Segamat is an old shop house that hasn't loose it charms

Segamat is a small quaint town just by the border of Johor and Melaka. Life is easy and everybody knows everybody there. It's a place where you can find peace and serenity that is lost in other big cities. People here tend to take things at slower pace and time seems to slow down. There's many interesting places that you can find here like old row of pre-war shop houses, cute shops selling items we used to have during childhood days and little wooden stalls that sells snacks. A place i find interesting is this little cafe called River Cafe, Segamat just opposite the river along Jalan Sultan. It's a nice place to chilled out day or nite and have a bite or drinks while the rest of the world goes on with their busy lives. There's even a little garden setting at the back for a more private chit chat and gossiping. All the decor here are collections from the owner over the years and from all over the places. Food and drinks here are mainly of the Taiwanese, Indonesian, local and with a few western menu thrown in. You may find the food simple but its really interesting and good. I have to say that you can't find it anywhere else in Segamat. Prices here are reasonable and the food lives up to their expectation. Having a drink and food with your friends here really do makes you forget bout the rest of the mad world but if you are still hunger for the outside world, there's free Wifi for those urbanites junkies. Next time if u feel like to escape from the cities, just drop by Segamat and stop by River Cafe, Segamat for a different feeling. No regrets!

the back garden seating with all the design by the owner

this mirror was passed down from generations

these ducks were flown all the way from Australia

a vase aquarium with fishes as the base of the table

tom yam fried bee hoon

ma lak noodle which is REALLY SPICY!

nasi indonesia which has juicy chicken marinated in special sauce

green tea with lemon which is very refreshing

kam kuat with green apple - very appertising

the owner (Desmond Lee) & me

Thursday, January 08, 2009


What a year had passed by without a hint….. 2008 was not a bad year neither it was good. The year went on usual and the only thing that made a big impact was I started to go to gym and I’m a Facebook junkie. Yes, i'm a self confessed Facebook addict. Look around you and which one of you doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Hmm… those who haven’t entered the world of Facebook must be living under the shell. I end my year with two BIG events. The 1st was a nice Christmas Eve dinner with my closed friends. It was just a small gathering of good people and delicious food! The dinner lasted till the wee hour of Christmas morning that includes us stuffing our face with good food, drinking silly, good chat, UNO and not forgotten Church mass. We sang our heart out during the Church mass and it certainly felt more Christmassy after you attended the mass. Merry Christmas everyone!

bling bling!!

ginger bread house that we ended up giving away

ginger bread men

food galore!!!

honey glazed roast turkey ham

minced pie

crab mousse with crakers

christmas pudding with vanilla sauce

brussel sprouts in butter garlic

aglio olio which is absolute yummy!

all the christmas presents.... i wan all!!!

this is my christmas presents... thanks guys!!

midnite church mass at St. Joseph Cathedral

the real people which are my very very closed friends

Thursday, December 18, 2008


As the year draw to a close, Malaysian particularly those making decision still can’t learn from their mistakes. In a recent news report about University Malaya wanting to increase the number of its post graduates students to boost its ranking in the Times Higher Education Supplement, I was shock and yet laughing of how they are going to do it. As you all know, a good higher institution of learning depends largely on its co-curriculum, teaching staff and of course its student qualities. By all means, our local students qualities a by far one of the worse ever. If we still continue our way of admitting students based on the race quota, our local universities will never ever be of world class standard or even climbing up the rankings. A lot of excellent students are either turns away or not offered their preferred courses because of the race quota. Instead, those who are less qualified are offered their choice because of the race quota again. I had come to know that a Grade 3 SPM student being offered Engineering course while a Grade 1 student being offered an Arts course all because of their race. If the Government really thinks of improving our Universities standard, they should really think of only accepting students based on their qualifications and do away with the race quota. You can’t spoon feed the people everyday, let them compete for themselves to improve. Even if you are able to fulfill the quota, the quality is not there. Let’s not make our society, labeled as useless grads in the eye of the world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YOGA Banned???

Malaysia has done it again! This time, banning YOGA for the Muslim because it teaches chanting and indecent movements. What do I think of this…. ITS ALL CRAP AND STUPID NONSENCE! What can they think of banning next? Pilates? Body Combat? Wushu? Qi Gong? YOGA had been practiced by people even before Islam was born. It helps people to relax, calm, fit and even a cure for many illnesses that even by reading the Quaran can’t heal. Its not that I’m against Muslim or Islam, it’s those people with nothing to do or with shallow or empty brain that irks me the most. I think what GOD really wants regardless of religions are that mankind can live with a peaceful mind, body and soul. If Yoga can achieve that, I can assure you that GOD will be delighted of what we are doing. So to those people please don act like GOD and tell people what to do and not. We are all humans and can think of what is good for us. Lastly, get a LIFE so called professor or noble people! Now, I have to go back to my YOGA and promote it even further….. Ommm……

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Will Malaysia finally wake up from her stubborn sleep? With the historical win by Mr. Barrack Obama in the US Presidential election, will Malaysia finally wake up from its old governing system and make changes? Will the country lead by a leader who is elected by the people and not by the political party? Will a minority who is more capable rather than based on the majority of the race be elected as our leader in the future? All these are the answers that the people in Malaysia want to know. After all, we are all very frustrated with the current government and antics of the current politician. Like Barrack Obama said, CHANGE!

Friday, October 17, 2008


In memoriam of ‘Bibi’ 5th May 2001 – 17th October 2008. She was my precious when she 1st arrived on my lap, now she is gone forever. Her howling and barking will be missed much. She was a loyal friend to me and a very obedient and fun friend to be with. All the big and older dogs around my neighbors scared of her little feisty self. That’s my ‘Bibi’, the little doberman disguised in a dachshund body. May she rest in peace and I’m gonna miss you a lot……