Tuesday, September 25, 2007


the Harmony Arch welcomes you to the fest at Carpenter Street

Last year this is my very 1st entry for my blog. Time passes by like a gush of wind and it’s been a year since I started my blog. Actually it’s not a full year yet since I started my blog in October last year and it’s only September now (blamed it on the Chinese Lunar Calendar). Here I come again back to where I began, Sarawak Inter Cultural Mooncake Festival. This year the event was less grand and festive as previous years. The number of stalls and performances has also seen a significant reduction. I think this is all due to the lack of people’s interest and also the way local authorities handle things. We should all know how the local authorities work here and also their work ethnics. Sad thing actually…….. Nevertheless, it’s still a festival that deserves participant from all works of life and be enjoyed by everyone.

lanterns display infront of the temple

lanterns of different shapes and colors on sale (anyone want to play lantern with me?)

giant lanterns hanging over the bonsai garden

soothing traditional chinese music playing in the back ground while you enjoy your bonsai appreciation

with all the influx of modern mooncakes, these traditional styles are still the best around

anyone want some cotton candy?

haircut for only RM1!!!!!!!!!! (i'll bring my whole family for it including my aunt, uncle, nephews, nieces, dogs, cats, ......)

even the Malays are enjoying the fest, this shows how we Malaysian live in harmony with all the different races

"chai ming tern" anyone out there who is expert in chinese poetry can have a guess

the majestic temple for you to pray and give thanks to GOD for all of this

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