Thursday, December 27, 2007


Ten Ichi located below the Lok Thian restaurant

too bad it wasn't a Geisha who serve us

Ahhh........ メリークリスマス! That's Merry Christmas in Japanese. Unlike the usual human being who celebrate their Christmas by having turkey dinner, i went the other with my friends by having a Japanese Christmas. It's a refreshing way to usher the festive season unlike any other and we had so much fun and laughter since we got ourselves a room for the occasion. If it wasn't for the enclosed room, i think the customers will be chased away by our crazy behaviour. I don know why we acted that way, maybe because of the 'sake' or maybe we really are crazy bunch. After the dinner, we jump straight to our countdown session at the local watery hole by drinking ourselves drunk and playing illegal games........ All in all it was a merry nite and one that is unusual.

warm sake to cleanse our stomach before dinner

fresh sashimi as appertiser

the sushi came all theway from Japan in this boat

grilled fish to the perfection

fresh squid lightly grilled with a dash of salt to taste

baked eel with rice

seafood ramen with fish, squid, prawn and other ocean creatures

tempura udon with a really long prawn, just wondering if the prawn went to plastic surgery to be so long

bento box with tempura, grilled fish and fresh sashimi

we were seeing snow flakes after the nite went on

Sunday, December 23, 2007


People says they amount that you eat this 'tang yuan' represents how old you are. I guess i'm always very young since i only ate a few. How i wish this is the miracle pill for eternal youth. Anyway, it marks the end of the lunar calendar and the preparations for the Chinese New Year begins from here. Money flying out again! "sigh"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Since everything is going up and our salary is still the same, Christmas will be a moderate one. Even the cake have to be home made. Here, i'll teach everyone to bake a Christmas cake. Easy and delicious!

what you'll need is 6 eggs separate, 50grm butter, 250grm cream cheese, 1 tbsp cream of tartar, 70grm flour, 20grm corn flour, 150ml fresh milk, 150grm caster sugar

melt the butter, milk and cream cheese on a double boiler until everything is dissolve and mix well

let it cool down and stir it well

after cool down, add in the egg yolk and mix the mixture well and set aside

next, beat the sugar, cream of tartar and egg white in high speed

the egg white mixture should be beaten up stiff and add in the cream cheese mixture slowly. fold it the mixture and not beat it. after that, fold in the flour and corn flour until everything is well mixed

pour into a greased tin and steam bake for 55 minutes at 160 degrees

after the cake is baked, set it aside and let it cool in the fridge. while waiting for the cake to be cool, prepare the cream by beating 1 egg with 100grm sugar and 100grm cream cheese until fluffy

set the cream cheese aside and beat 100grm of whipping cream until stiff. add in the cream cheese mixture and mix well. after the cake is cooled, spread the cream cheese as you like

the end result, white christmas cake!

Friday, December 14, 2007

919 CAFE

With oil prices going up and salary non moving the ladder, we have to find cheap alternative for our food. Luckily i manage to find one before i started to eat grass. The shop is located at near Hui Sing housing estate behind the up coming Boulevard Shopping Mall. It's next to Sumo Cake house. Name wise, it's called 919 Cafe and from the signboard that is made of canvas, you'll know that this place is saving to the minimum while giving the customer a decent meal at a low price. Don't expect gourmet food but they do serve some good home cook food. The specialty is fish head but i didn't order it that day. Well, the'll always be next time since this is a place for good and yet cheap food. A dinner for 3 person is only RM20 including drinks. Now, that's what i called rock bottom price!

simple tables and chairs just like those olden days stall

even though they keep it simple, they serve bario rice for a healthy reason

ma po bean curd

claypot seafood soup

spare ribs in yellow bean sauce