Thursday, June 26, 2008


dinner at carwash

Fancy having dinner at a carwash? That’s what we did last nite. Original Car Wash located at Rubber Road is a fusion restaurant cum car wash. The menu is mainly Thai fusion with a dash of mangoes since this is the same person who brought you Ming Kiong mangoes. The concept behind this restaurant is similar to Junk with lots of old furniture and knick knacks. Food is decent with the Tom Yang being the star of the night. The only drawbacks here are the lack of good service and crowds.

wash your car while having dinner

dentist checkup anyone?

wall of food and junks

you can even mend your clothe while eating and washing

calamari mango salad - crispy calamari with sweet mangoes

tom yam kung - hot and sour to the right point

green chicken curry - thick and yummy with plain rice

thai chicken wings - a bit dissapointed with the display and tiny size

pineapple fried rice with lots of mangoes, pineapple and cashew nuts

Monday, June 23, 2008


Cherry blossom in Kuching!!!!!! Let's paint the town pink with all these trees....

Saturday, June 21, 2008


With a sudden boom of malls in Kuching, what are they malls suited best for you? They are three categories of malls in Kuching at the moment.

tHe Spring, the biggestin Sarawak at the moment

feng shui fountain

The 1st and most exclusive of it are the lifestyle malls. They cater for those who want the best out of their lives. They eat sushi, drinks Starbucks and wear all the designer clothes. These are the people who enjoy life and look good every time they go out. Its all about the latest on the market and money is not an option. These malls are always fashionable and hip with many events to fill your whole day.

Boulevard with the 1st hypermarket in Kuching

small and compact

Secondly, there are the family malls. These are catered to those family outings and most importantly weekly groceries shopping. What they looking for are easy and economical way to satisfied the whole family. There’ll be kids running around and certainly a few of them crying. These malls usually have a large hypermarket.

the newest addition to the mall scene in Kuching

good selection of stuff i this neighborhood mall

Lasty, the neighborhood malls. These are where people living around can get their daily necessities conveniently without traveling far. These malls are usually small but packed with stuffs that you need.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Gone are the vibrant scenery, noise and smell of the Main Bazaar wet market that has been part of our lives since the birth of Kuching. Due to the many reasons that seem to be annoying and senseless from the local authorities, the many lives of people around and even from far away are changed suddenly. There’s no more that old feeling about Main Bazaar that many associates with the old Kuching. The sights of charming old lady selling vegetables and folks enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the wet market are all destroyed. What seems to be old charm value that attracts people from all walks of lives here and abroad are deemed useless by the local authorities that doesn’t know how to manage a city of such. Welcome to the city of senseless and un-efficient local government. What they should do is go around the world and learn from other cities that are more efficient and charming than us. Don’t always sit in your cubicle and stay in your kampong and think that you know the best way of doing things. Bring back the old charm of Kuching while developed around it. Don’t chop down a 1000 year old tree just because you need to build your mall there. Build around it and the best of both can survive. Last note: Good Bye Main Bazaar!