Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Mid-autumn festival or popularly known as mooncake festival was celebrated yesterday among the Chinese community and even the non Chinese have join in the festive. There are many stories behind the reason for the celebration but I’ll spare you guys with my story telling and jump straight to how I celebrated it. We gathered at my house and start a mini picnic at the garden with the tree full of colorful lanterns and the full moon set against the dark sky.

the tree was decorated with lanterns and the little gathering got underway. (just hope the tree won't die due to the heat from the candles)

food is a must in every party or gathering. we had cheese sausages, some "chai kueh", the compulsary mooncakes and also a pot of hot green tea and some cold ice tea for those who can't stand the heat. we didn't managed to finish all the food though

admiring the lovely lanterns, luckily non was burnt due to my ingenious way of putting tea candles instead of the normal candles inside the lanterns

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