Friday, September 07, 2007


There’s no home cook today so I have to resolve to instant noodle back home alone. Luckily there’s some imported instant noodle left in the pantry, so I fired up the pot and start my culinary adventure! (who am i kidding? what adventure can you get from instant noodle?)

Today’s ingredient consist of one packet of instant noodle (instant Japanese udon in scallop soup) and my all time favorite spiced pork cubes. Can’t live without pork cubes if I’m having instant noodles.

Boil some water and put in the seasoning after the water is boiled. Getting hungry by the minute.

Next put in the udon and stir well until the udon is properly cooked. I can hear my stomach crying for food already.

Finally, the exquisite udon in superior scallop broth is finished and served with spicy pork cubes. The udon is pretty good considering it just an instant noodle. Bon appétit!

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