Monday, September 24, 2007


Ben & Sarah

Our leader of the ZOO pack got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful occasions from the church ceremony until the dinner that nite. Ben and Sarah was the perfect couple of the day and everyone was happy for them. Words just can’t describe the mood and feeling on that day so I’ll let the pictures speaks for it self as a picture says a thousand words. All I could say is, may God bless this wonderful couple and Congratulations from all of us ZOO animals!

the wedding ceremony was held at St. Joseph Cathedral

an all white decor inside the church

candle the symbol of life

the happy couple after they were pronouced husband and wife

the wedding reception during the nite was a classy and yet fun celebration

this is the start of our dinner, good food and company

the interesting wedding cake of little cup cakes with fresh flowers swirling around it

Ben & Sarah cutting the cake

what a beautiful wedding

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