Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The Banquet, a nice a cozy place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner

I was dragged out of bed earlier than usual for breakfast today by a friend of mine from KL. I’m not a morning person and I usually don wake up this early even if it’s for work. I wanted to start cursing when I knew that we are going for dim sum for breakfast this morning. All the anger and sleepiness was swept away by the thought of steaming tray of ‘har kau’ and ‘char siew pau’, even my stomach start growling as an approval already. We head to this new place that just started to served dim sum a week ago and the chef there are very well known, even won a prize or two as what I’ve heard. Arm with high expectation and hungry stomach, we walk in to the big and airy dining hall of The Banquet. The setting is like any other Chinese banquet hall but this is more spacious and minimalist. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease instead of the feeling of overcrowded by all the nick knacks that usual Chinese restaurant had.

spacious and airy with the floor to ceiling high glass wall all around

The place wasn’t packed as its still early but slowly the cat people start crawling in as the time gets by. An interesting thing I notice here was they served the dim sum in trolley like those in Hong Kong but they still have to invest in a real proper dim sum trolley.

a proper dim sum trolley will do nicely if they willing to invest in 1

Overall, nice ambience and food but on the pricey side. Bring people here if you want to impress them. Now, after all these dim sum, I have to drag my feet back to work.

Teochiew siew mai, minced meat and prawn top with fish egg and wrapped in lettuce

char siew che cheong fun, the skin is thin enough but the char siew doesn't taste or look like char siew - kind of disappointing

chicken porridge, the porridge was smooth and top with lots of shredded chicken and crispy bean curd

lo mai kai, glutinous rice steam with chicken, peanuts and dried shrimp

crispy yam puff with char siew, one bite into the yam skin and you'll get steaming hot char siew

deep fried carrot cake, crispy on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside - best eaten with the chilli sauce

deep fried bean curd skin stuff with cheese and prawns -my fav

the king of dim sum - har kau

egg tart, not the usual multi layered skin but instead of the pastry style

char siew pau, nice skin texture with lean pork inside

all wash down with a steaming hot cup of chinese tea, ahh.......


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