Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Ta Wan Kung opposite KMC swimming pool and next to Kuching Park hotel

Kolo mee is just like an institution in Kuching. A coffee shop or kopitiam without stall selling kolo mee is incomplete. That’s the reason why every coffee shop or kopitiam serves kolo mee and everybody in Kuching eats kolo mee day and night. It’s a simple dish that doesn’t appeal to most since it doesn’t have any colours. There’s one particular stall that is been well known since my grandparents time. It used to be at Rex Cinema but since it has been torn down, they have relocated to another place. This time round, it is the son who is doing the business while the father has long retired. The place is called Ta Wan Kung opposite the KMC swimming pool. The place is packed during breakfast time and if you go there after lunch, you’ll be disappointed with an empty stomach. There’s another one who is operated by his brother which is located at Expert Foodcourt at Jalan Penrissen. This one does sell in the morning and night time. For me, it’s one of the best kolo mee in town.

kolo mee with wanton, the noodle are handmade and it tasted springy and smooth. the combination of fried onions and pork lard oil makes the noodle irresistable. you can smell the fragrant pork lard and onions even before you enter the shop
other than the normal kolo mee, they also have alternative version like fried chicken kolo mee top with crunchy pieces of fried chicken
pork chop kolo mee with tender marinated pork, whoever says kolo mee should go halal should be shoot and hang!

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