Sunday, October 07, 2007


Jia Jia Court at RH Plaza

Been searching high and low for a good big prawn noodle in Kuching, since I last tested it in Sibu. Finally I found it at a typical coffee shop at RH Plaza in BDC. You won’t notice the coffee shop if you don’t venture deep into the commercial area. It’s tuck behind Taka and next to the soon to be opened EON Bank. Have to be there early since most of the stuff there sold out by noon. A friend of mine who came late was disappointed that the noodle was finished but at least he got to taste some very nice ‘kam pua’ noodle. Other than the food, the drinks there are interesting too. They have fresh juice of local fruits that you normally won’t get it anywhere else like bangkolong, dragon fruit etc. Did I mention that the staff and stall owners there are so friendly that you’ll feel like having old friends around. No wonder it’s called Jia Jia Court (family).

the big prawn noodle foochow style, nice thick gravy with big fresh succulent prawns

kam pua, tasted like those original from Sibu

foochow style siew mai, fresh fish and prawns meat

bangkolong juice, a type of sweet and sour fruit that usually eaten with belacan

fresh lemon, they grind the lemon instead of just squezzing it

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