Monday, October 08, 2007


It was an uneventful Saturday night I had. 1st, I was down with a flu and two very irresponsible friends didn’t turn up for our appointment. We had arranged it properly a week earlier that we will go for dinner and movie on Saturday night. We even agreed on what movie and where to eat on that Saturday afternoon over lunch at Jia Jia Court. Me and the other friend could have canceled everything right then if we know those two are so irresponsible since we came down with flu at the same time. After everything was done and the movie tickets were purchased, we were stood up by those two. We waited at our dinner place Happy Valley until we got hungry and ordered first while waiting for them. There weren’t a single call from both of them and they even ignore our calls when we called them. Well, we continue to enjoy our dinner without their presence as if nothing happens. Why should we let two ignorance and irresponsible people spoiled the whole night? We even managed to catch a good movie, Resident Evil: Extinction. As for the two extra tickets, we sold it off to the ticketless people at the cinema. The story doesn't end here yet. We meet some very uncivilised people on our way out of the carpark. Everybody was queuing up to go down the carpark but this guy who drives a Toyota with 2 girls sitting inside plan to be smart ass and instead of following everyone else, he took the shortcut by going down a level using the up ramp. They even got the courtesy to laugh and one of the girl put on sun glasses as if the moon is so bright. I hope people who read this will be more civilised and stop acting like a bitch or bastard. Now, lesson learned here, never let anyone spoil your day.

Happy Valley, where you can enjoy BBQ meats, western and local food over a cool drink under the stars

a cute little fan spinning to the wind

fruit salad, for my friend who is sick

chicken chop for me, even though i'm sick

some orange juice for that much needed vitamin c

we leave Happy Valley satisfied yet angry with those two irresponsible people

Resident Evil:Extinction, an enjoyable movie that gives you a little scare here and there

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