Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What did I do over the long holiday weekend? Hmm…. let me recall back. Sleep, eat, shit…… Hahaha! Not a pig so I make full use of the holiday catching up with friends and go exploring the surrounding. I didn’t do any visiting this year though. The place I went instead is Matang Family Park. It’s been so long…… since I went there. The last time I was there, there are no facilities for people to shower, sit or BBQ yet. It’s pure wild jungle with waterfall. Now, everything is changed and I even have to fork out RM3 just to enter the park. Nevertheless, we had a great time there since the spot that we choose was isolated and we have the whole stretch by our own. A little picnic and relaxation by the river is just what a busy city folks needed. Ahh……..

that's the mountain we're heading on a sunny day, Mount Matang

the convoy following us to paradise! Hahaha!

it was packed on that day and we had to park our cars on the upper deck

the schedule of pricing for each different grouping, some of us could pass off as teenagers

the area map for Matang Family Park, our destination is Stage 1 which was closed for today but we don't mind walking 1600mm from Stage 2 since it was more private there

the observation tower at the entrance of the park

the canopy deck and all the major facilities like toilets, shower room, canteen etc that is provided here at Stage 2 and Stage 1

beautifully landscaped garden at Stage 2 where BBQ pit is located before the stream below

the steps we had to take to reach the stream below and cross over it to get to the jungle trail to Stage 1

deep into the jungle we ventured to find a place we called our own

finally we reached Stage 1 which was deserted on that day, the stream is just below the deck, Yippee!!!!

fresh water from the mountain with lots of fish

after soaking ourself in the river, it's time for some lunch of luncheon meat sandwiches, cakes, cookies and tidbits

the rain came when we managed to get back to Stage 2 and we sheltered under the canopy for the rain to ease

while waiting for the rain to ease, we played some "chor tai di" to pass time and i managed to win most of the time, hehehe!

some of the beautiful flora that you can find at Matang Family Park


Anonymous said...

Err...i think its called. Mt Serapi. hehe

alexcjlau said...

Well..... the local chinese here always called it "matang sua"

G said...

Thanks for the post dude! It's a nice place, have you been back there since?