Friday, October 19, 2007


What other things that I did during the holiday? Let me think……hmmmm…… eat of course! I went to a place that has been around for so many years and still a crowd’s favorite. It’s the Hui Sing Garden hawker centre. We went there right after we reach Kuching from Matang. The hawker centre used to be at Palm Road when I was really small. Since the old place was due for road widening, they moved the whole place to the current place at Hui Sing Garden. Some people still called it Palm Road hawker. There are a lot of local hawker fares here that you can’t find elsewhere and if you happen to find it, it’s imitation from the creators here. For example, Ah Meng drink stall is the 1st to come up with drinks like “white lady”, “black widow”, “red eye” or the ever famous “matterhorn”. Other than that, the tomato kueh tiaw or noodle and the sweet sauce noodle are absolutely tempting. A stop by this hawker centre will satisfy any palate that you may have.

Hui Sing Hawker Centre which only open at nite 7 days a week

the ever famous "matterhorn" which consist of lychee, cendol, jelly, liong fun in syrup and lemon - very refreashing (ask for the aluminium bowl)

a tomato kueh tiaw with a twist, they fried the kueh tiaw 1st at usual fried style then pour over the tomato sauce over it - more fragrant and only available at 四小 stall

fried noodle with bean sprouts and egg in sweet sauce, my dad's favourite and only available here in Kuching

pork satay from Satay House, a must for anyone who visit Kuching


penny said...

the "matterhorn" is very special mixed with so many different ingredients. And I have never tried the Pork Satay yet..

alexcjlau said...

u should try the pork satay. Better than any kajang satay put 2gether