Sunday, August 05, 2007


Kuching comes alive once a year around August. She can dance; jump, shout and party all nite long and nobody dare to stop her. It’s her birthday that’s why. She is 19 this year and stills a very young feline. Once a year, on behalf of her birthday, humans gave her a grand celebration to let everyone knows she’s a fun loving feline. The celebration kicks off with a street parade that starts from MBKS hall to the Padang Mederka. Throngs of people, young and old lined up the street to witness the colorful display of dance, song and even some naughty feline running around. It all lasted a good 2 ½ hours which left you asking for more. Tried to capture some good photos but with my very limited camera, I managed just a few good shots. Nevertheless, we are all gonna party along with this big feline till we drop. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUCHING!

police were there to clear the street before the fun begins

different types of bicycles

the different coloured people of Kuching

beware of the young warrior

the grown up version of the warrior

even flowers come out to party

giants of Kuching

the big cat doing pole dancing

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