Monday, August 27, 2007


Chicking Eating House at Pertanak new shophouses. Next to Kaya & Toast.

Having lunch with my family is a hard thing to come by. That’s why lunch on Sunday is a memorable event for us. We went to a funny named shop called Chicking Eating House. From the chicken logo on the sign board, you’ll know that it’s a shop selling chicken rice. On the wall, there’s a big menu for you to choose from. There’s chicken rice in steam style, roast style, lemon style and also salad style.

the giant menu on the wall

Take your pick from there and you’ll be greeted with steaming hot soup with fragrant rice and your style of chicken. We opt for the combination of steam and roasted chicken with other condiments.

standard hot soup, fragrant rice and souces

combination of steam and roasted chicken. The steam chicken is soft and tender. I usually fancy roasted version but i found myself indulge the steam version more here.

thai style tofu. Not too spicy and crispy on the outside, soft inside

lemon chicken, fried crispy chicken in lemon sauce

chicken ginzard, i don't eat these but my parents love it.

The lunch was great except for the annoying prepaid mobile card seller who came in like a tour group and start their selling pitch. Since Kuala Lumpur have Chicken Rice Shop, we have Chicking Eating House here.

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sabby said...

this is a famous chain of chicken rice stores in spore and they are long Q at some of the stores. The owner is very dedicated to keep the standards high and consistent

must try!!