Sunday, August 19, 2007


welcome to International Borneo Kite Festival

International Borneo Kite Festival is in its 3rd year. This time round, I managed to catch it before I head back to my home town. The day I went there, they just started the festival and not much kite was on display and most of the participants were not there yet. Heard that there will be participation from 10 countries and they will be vying for the grand prize this year. Even though I went there when it just started, I managed to catch a glimpse of the things to watch out for. There’s even a trade show besides the colorful display of the kites.

giant octopus in the sky

even stingray join in the fun

drago taking a rest in flying

one happy family in the sky

ever seen a kite powered bike

colorful kites on sale

giant octopus hovering over the trade fair

even this horse thinks he can fly

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