Sunday, July 29, 2007


welcome to Similajau National Park

we managed to hike up to the view point and to Tg. Lubok Padok

For those who love jungle trekking, Taman Negara Similajau located near Bintulu town is the ideal place to go. Just a 30 minutes from the town centre towards the Kidurong area and you’ll be greeted by blue waters and swaying lush green trees.

clear water and sandy beaches

beware of crocodiles, didn't see any but we did stumble across a snake

You can either go for a day trip or opt to stay over nite at the park it self. For the more adventurous, you can camp at the many camp sites along the stretch of the park. Since we were there on an impromptu visit, we can only take in the beautiful sights of the park and go for a short hike into the forest.

our journey start here

more bridges to cross

dense jungle to explore

up we climb and down we go

The 4 hours journey brought us into the dense jungle and out to a secluded beach with crystal clear water. It’s a very rewarding hike but we were almost died of exhaustion after we reach back to civilization.

South China Sea from the view point

rocky beach at Tg. Lubok Padok

If we had planned the trip earlier, we might even ventured out further into the very end of the park which gonna take 8 hours just to reach there. The park is a nice place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city except for the RM 10 entrance fee.


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Simi lan jiao park?