Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Food glorious food! How can food be missing out from any festival in Malaysia. Malaysian favorite past time is eating by the way. That is why Kuching Fest integrated a food fair as part of their annual event. It’s been 19 years and yet the food fair is still the most popular event on the calendar. It also has been an annual event for me to pay a visit or twice to the food fair just to indulge myself in all those food.

mashmallow in different style

lok-lok anyone?

choose what you like

sawadekap..... Thai anyone?

happy feet land

my favourite Teochew stall

ping pang Chinese style

don cha just love chocolate

Pick any of your favorite from any stalls which include local fare to Thai, Indonesian and all the way to Korean. The problem here is finding a space to sit and enjoy your meal since there are too many people and yet too little chairs and tables. For those who are on a strict diet, there’s trade show showcasing house hold items to exotic cars and even bridal services.

trade fair

who put my car here?

even Pink Panther can't resist the food fair

There are also nightly performances by dancers and singers prancing around the stage. After all the food and dancing, you can take a stroll down the garden show behind the park just to wind down the evening.

let's do the tango

welcome to my garden

this is where Kermit the frog stay

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