Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I’ve known these guys since primary school and we had been good friends until now. I still remember those days when we would go to school in the afternoon to attend our extra-curriculum activities and went for our favorite fried sotong and fish ball at the old Rex Cinema. Those were the days when we are still young and we were like the big shot in our School Brass Band. Basically we call all the shots and who ever go against us will be eliminated. Come to think of it, no one ever dare to do so. Hehehe! Time has passed and even though some of us are all no longer staying in Kuching, we still keep in touch and are there for each other when needed. We called ourselves the Zoo since each of us got our own unique animal nick name. So without further delay, let me introduce you all to my Zoo mates.

the eldest in the zoo, Benedict aka the Cat. He is our big brother who look over our shoulder. Always not in good terms with the Dog. Had a few drama arising from their clashes that can even compete with those Hong Kong drama series. Getting married this September. Congrats Bro!

Albert aka the Jellyfish. The nick name fits him perfectly because he don't dare to speak up and what ever we ask him to do, he'll do it. We just love to bully him. He's the artist in our Zoo.

Me aka the Crab. I used to love pitching people and that's how i get that nick name. My pitching skill is so perfect that even real crabs have to learn from me...

Raymond aka the Chicken. He is the calculative type. Count every penny and even calories. Always get the best out from what he buys or eat. Getting married in December in Australia. Congrats Chicken!

Steve aka the Pig. He used to be so chubby and cute. He is the genius in our Zoo. Everything he touched turns into gold and nothing can be impossible for him. Congrats on the new baby piglet!

Eddie aka the Dog. Nemesis of the Cat. He is the drama queen in our Zoo and if there's a Academy Awards in Malaysia, he is the front runner. Love bitching about everything under the sun.

Gerald aka the buffalo. The bully in our Zoo. He can really argue with you even those Ah Sam in the pasar will loose to him. Even though he is the bully, he is also the mediator.

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