Monday, June 11, 2007


the symbol of Sibu town - Swan

Over the Gawai Celebration, I visited Sibu with my friends. Actually it was me who pester him to take a road trip with us to Sibu instead of taking a bus since he has to go back anyway. It was a 6 hours journey from Kuching to Sibu. Along the way, the scenery was serene and the road is somehow smooth yet a bump or two here and there. We stop along the way to release our bladder and to stretch our limbs. After the long journey, we were rewarded with the sight of the longest bridge in Sarawak, the Upper Lanang Bridge. Over the bridge is where Sibu is and we were so relieve and excited to be able to see the tallest building in Sarawak, Wisma Sanyan.

Wisma Sanyan (a shopping mall and office block) on the right and RH Hotel (where we stayed) on the left

our hotel room on the 10th floor overlooking the swimming pool

the view from our room - the Rajang River and Sibu Town Square

Sibu town on a Saturday afternoon - slow and easy

Our hotel is just next to Wisma Sanyan and it’s a new and modern hotel. Decoration is simple yet elegant. From our room, we could see the Rajang River (longest river in Malaysia) and also the Sibu Town Square. Big and small ships plying the mighty river carrying logs (the source of income for Sibu) over the murky water.

Tua Pek Kong pagoda by the river

suspension bridge at Bukit Aup

sunset view from the top of the hill at Bukit Aup

the famous Banana Jelly at Tanahmas Hotel - sweet and cooling

the place to come for kompia and kam pua mee - situated at Rejang Park next to the old cinema

i like my kampua mee in black sauce with wanton - Yummy!

oven baked kompia with meat stuffing - crispy on the outside, soft juicy meat inside

kompia with meat sauce - just like eating buns dipped in meat sauce

the place to buy freshly baked kompia and other local pastry (have to squeeze and be brave to shout) - next to the night market in town

the different types of local pastry that were sold at Seng Kee

Cafe cafe is a nice hangout place for youngster - nice staff and food - situated next to the Chinese Pagoda overlooking the river

During our stay here, we visited the Chinese Pagoda, Bukit Aup, stuffed our self with lots of ‘kompia’, ‘kam pua mee’ and other goodies. It was an enjoyable trip and we are planning our next trip back as we drove back another 6 hours to Kuching.

the express boat jetty - take these to Kapit area


Mouthful of Cyn said...

Hello. Good to see that you've been out and about. :)

alexcjlau said...

Ya, wish got more time to explore even more.

Pete said...

Have not been visiting Sibu for quite a long time
Hmm... It looks pretty under your camera.

Yan said...

Hi, looking for pix of kampua and stumbled into yours! You sure have all the "treasures" of Sibu making this "Sibu woman" a little uneasy for not treasuring those beauties!