Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I got stuck in an hour jam inside my office car park. I was cursing and wandering what happen down there that makes the unusual jam in the car park. The cars seem to be motionless in front of me. After slowly and patiently guiding my car down to the exit, I realize the culprit behind all these chaos. MTUC (Malaysian Trade Union Congress) was holding a demonstration in front of the office building. The police were there so were the reporters. They were shouting “Increase our salary! Prices are going up but our salary still the same!” They were carrying banners and singing along the main road while onlookers just stare at them. I was furious about the jam at first but after seeing what they do, I salute them! I wish I could join them but they were packing up and leave. Whatever it is, I really want to thank them as they are the voice of the many private sectors workers who never dare to speak out. Thank you MTUC!


The Devil said...

taken outside saberkas?

alexcjlau said...

yeap! oppss!!!! caught red handed