Monday, June 18, 2007


Chong Choon

The word Laksa is widely known in Malaysia. When people think of Laksa, they think of the Penang Laksa. I did try it before when I was in Penang but no matter how famous and delicious people tell me, I still hate it. The smell of fish just puts me off. Then there’s the KL Laksa which I always argue with my KL pal that it is just curry mee and not Laksa at all. There are many types of Laksa around but my absolute favorite is Sarawak Laksa. Some people might say it’s just like a prawn curry based noodle but for me, it’s LAKSA. You can find Sarawak Laksa everywhere you go in Kuching and people here have it almost every morning. One of my favorite places to have it is Chong Choon at Abell Road. Just a little coffee shop tuck in between two rows of shop houses.

not so packed as its close to closing time

Come every morning, the place is packed with people in suits and ties sipping coffee and not forgetting, the Laksa soup. I always have to stalk the dinners there to get a place to sit but today I was lucky enough as it’s almost closing time for them. By the way, it’s only 10.30 in the morning.

my fav Laksa, good to the last drop

Our Laksa come and we devour every single drop of the soup. The soup is full in flavor but not too thick as in murky and the bee hoon is just springy and not soggy. The bean sprouts are crunchy and the prawns are fresh. Just perfect to go with the rest of the Laksa. Not forgetting is the belacan and lime to accompany with the soup. I always mixed everything up and have my way down to the last drop. All in all, it cost just RM3.50 per bowl and worth everything single cent. What can I ask for more?

after all the Laksa, this is the way to wash it down with, a perfect compliment


erinalaw said...

I had tried the Sarawak Laksa before and the one I tried is Barratt. It taste like curry mee a little bit to us here. But, I like it too.

alexcjlau said...

I know Barratt. If you really want authentic Sarawak Laksa, you shoul try Chong Choon, Green Heights coffee shop, Chongling Park and Mdm Tang. They uses the traditional Laksa paste that is still home made in an old wooden hse in Kuching.