Tuesday, June 19, 2007

李玖哲 (Nicky Lee)

his current album

I stumble upon this talented Korean singer when I was watching the Golden Melody Awards 2007 on tv. I normally didn’t really care about the Chinese entertainment industry but was curious on what the award was all about, so I watched on. Apparently Nicky Lee is a Korean who can sing in Mandarin. He is now based in Taiwan and already churned out 2 albums. With his current album, he just won Best Male Artist at the Grammy of Taiwan. I was really impressed by his talent and now hooked on his songs. I think it has to do with Korean singing in Mandarin with a Korean slang. Keep up the good work Nicky and congrats on your award!

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TH said...

I like his song :) oh yeah I am going to kuching pls advice for family to travel by taxi or driver with car from travel agency?