Wednesday, June 13, 2007


the hiking trail

Bukit Aup is situated not far from Sibu’s old airport. It’s a place for the old and young to relax and enjoying the fresh air and environment. The old come here to take a relaxing stroll or just sit by the pond and take in the fresh air. The young come here to jog or hike up the many hills around the area. There’s even a children playground for the little ones or those who felt really young at heart.

canteen on stilts over the lake

sloping hills, green grass, peaceful lake

i think Jack Sparrow' Black Pearl just crashed underneath the suspension bridge

no fishing here

hike up the hill and you'll be rewarded with THE VIEW

The many ponds are filled with varieties of fish and you can buy pieces of bread to feed them from the canteen. Although there are many fishes around, fishing is prohibited here but that doesn’t mean that you got nothing to do here. Hike up the hills to the top and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Sibu and beyond or cross the suspension bridge over the lake. By the time you finished all the trails, you can just relax and have a glass of cool refreshing drink at the canteen.

relax at the canteen after a long hike

sunset at Bukit Aup

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