Friday, June 15, 2007


sorry for the blur picture.... this is Shalom

After all the travelling around, I finally got my break of staying put where I belong most, my hometown Kuching. Since I got the time to catch up with old friends back home, I was delighted that I got to try out something new in Kuching. It was a wet night when we decided to go for dinner at this little restaurant called Shalom. Shalom means hello in Hebrew by the way. The place is just opposite Acer services and repair centre at Green Height commercial area next to the BDC roundabout.

the whole place by ourselves

When we were there, they aren’t any costumers around since the place is catered mostly to the office workers around that area. It’s good also so that we can have the whole restaurant to ourselves. The interior is all while from the floor to the ceiling including the furniture used. It’s like stepping into a hospital clean ward.

Bintangor Rojak

The signature dish here is their homemade Rojak from Bintangor. The sauce are homemade and the difference between a normal Rojak and the Bintangor Rojak is the homemade ‘kueh’ that they put inside instead of the usual ‘yew cha kueh’. The ‘kueh’ is made of flour and other stuff like long beans and anions. The combination of the sauce and all the other ingredients is just nice for an appetizer or snack. Make sure you ask for a lot of peanuts as dressing. We ordered two plates and still got room for our mains.

mui chai noodle soup

We had a very traditional Foochow dish called ‘mui chai’ noodle soup. It’s kinda sour in taste that makes you want to eat it more and more. One of my friends complained that it’s not sour enough and asked for more vinegar. Just can’t imagine how much sourness she can take.

Golden taste fried rice

Next is golden taste fried rice which looks a lot like Pattaya fried rice to me. It’s basically fried rice with anchovies covered with an omelette on top. Taste like a Chinese version of Pattaya fried rice to me though.

Bangkok fried kueh tiaw

We skip this into our last dish which is Bangkok fried kueh tiaw. Normal fried kueh tiaw with sambal sauce and lots of bean sprouts and sausages. The kueh tiaw has a nice textured that I like and the sambal sauce goes well with the whole thing. Just the right spiciness and we finished the whole plate clean.

Bintangor orange juice

Not forgetting, we also had their Bintangor orange juice since Bintangor are famous for their small oranges. The whole meal cost us around RM39 which considered being reasonable since we had two plates of rojak and 4 mains. One important point here is, no matter where or what you eat, the place and food will be great if you have a great company with you around. That’s what I experience at Shalom.


Anonymous said...

I would be very happy if I could taste what I saw here. There will be some expectations...and here we are, my 1st:-)...BTW, do you know who I am?...looking forward to visiting Kuching...Sweetas!

alexcjlau said...

I know who u are....... A sweet guy from NZ. Hope to see u soon!