Wednesday, June 20, 2007


new spanking mall

1st Thing i do when i arrived back in Bintulu is a visit to Parkcity Mall near Parkcity here. A new spanking mall for the folks here since there aren't any proper mal here yet. Nothing much to see as not many outlets has open yet.

this is wher i had my dinner

I stop by at Marrybrown to have my dinner and went to New World Mart to get some groceries. There are a few new players here that can't even be found in Kuching yet like Samuel&Kevin and Baleno. A good mall with good prospect if they managed it properly. At last i won't be bored here anymore. A sign of relief!

the place i got my groceries

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Pete said...

Hey, hey..

Don't you feel that the mall is not so complete yet? There is no cinema. And no proper CD outlet such as CDRAMA or SPEEDY. It is very disappointing for me because I enjoy shopping in music store (with new and original CDs)

Yup, it is pretty surprising that Samuel&Kelvin and Baleno have chosen Bintulu as their first branch in East Malaysia!

Guardian, Watson, Popular are my favorites. And, I believe that Boulevard IT which dominates Miri's IT market will bring nice and cheap IT products for us.

For sure, the mall will be crowded when the shops are ready to open. However, the success of the mall still depends on the management. Really hope they will do a nice job!