Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ever tried Hakka food before? For me, I think all the different Chinese community delicacies are the same. Hehehe! I meant they have the same style of cooking and almost identical taste. Maybe it’s just me or my ignorance taste bud. Well, I went to this Hakka restaurant located at Ang Cheng Ho road opposite Grand Continental Hotel.

non pretentious place

It’s just a simple restaurant without all the fancy Chinese restaurant décor normally we saw. It looks more like an ordinary café than a restaurant. Wooden chairs and tables were well placed in the restaurant to give comfort to dinners who dine there.

simple and nice

From the crowd in the restaurant, I presume the food must be good. Ordering food from the menu was made easier with the help of photos of each food item displayed nicely in their huge menu.

easy to read menu

The price was reasonable ranging from RM3.00 for a simple noodle to RM15.00 for prawns and other sea food. The food was mainly home style cooking that makes you feel eating mama’s cooking at home. We ordered stir fried vegetables, Chinese style pork chop, ‘Fu Yong’ egg and Japanese tofu in hot sauce. I wouldn’t say the food was fantastic but it was just nice to makes you feel at home.

"Fu Yong" egg, Japanese tofu in hot sauce, Chinese style pork chop, stir fried vegetables

goes well with rice, the soup is on the house

freashing drink after a hearty meal

The whole meal was made even more fulfilling with the company around. So next time if you want some home cook meal with reasonable pricing, Zhi Wei is the place to go to satisfy your hunger for mama’s cooking.

the mess we made after the meal


Neo said...

Nice food :)

alexcjlau said...

Thx pal!