Monday, December 11, 2006


Mr. Ho's Fine Foods at ground floor Crown Square

Guess what just landed in this little place called Kuching? Mr. Ho’s Fine Foods! Yippee!!! At last we have a decent gourmet deli in our side of the town and we got to taste what’s the rave all about their famous roast PORK! They just opened an outlet here at Crown Square just opposite Hock Lee Centre. The whole Crown Square was just renovated to up grade their shopping mall and that is why you can see nice shops opening in there. Mr. Ho’s Fine Foods comprises of its famous deli and gourmet grocery shop. You can get imported and local cold cuts like sandwich ham, honey glazed ham, lamb rack, ribs, sausages and salamis.

fresh meat!

They are freshly flown from KL and customer gets to choose which part they like from the display counter. It’s just like those butcher shop you see at overseas. You can also get your craving for REAL sandwiches here from their deli. Imagining REAL ham and other condiments in between two slices of bread served to you fresh with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee. Other than that, you can get their famous roast pork and roast honey ham from their deli counter. Even though I don’t really fancy my meat with all the fat, I was surprise how delicious the roast pork is. The skin is crispy with a little fat in between the skin and the lean meat. The lady there told us it goes well with beer and I couldn’t agree more.

roast pork

Incidentally, they have a bar there which is going to be operational soon once they got the right staff to serve those thirsty beer guzzlers.

a nice place to unwind at the terrace

Coming back to its core business, you can also get imported jams, cheese, cookies, preserved fruits and even caviar.

well stocked grocery store

They also stock an impressive wine and beer selection in their well organized and spacious shop.

nice selection of wine

Next time when you happen to be in that area, drop by to Mr. Ho’s Fine Foods and you’ll be glad to do that. Now, I have to go make myself some sandwiches.

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