Friday, December 15, 2006


PIKOM PC Fair is here again to rob us poor and naïve souls of our hard earned monies. No matter how much we tried to avoid going to the fair, we still fail to resists the urged to see what’s new and what’s on offer. I was one of them unfortunately. What to do? Can’t resist the temptation to see what’s on offer and what’s new out there. The fair was held at its usual place which is Level 5 Permata Carpark.

PIKOM PC Fair 2006

People came out in full force for this fair. Cars were parked everywhere near to the venue and this makes the whole place jammed up with traffic. Just to show everyone how intolerant people of Kuching are. We managed to find a nice parking space inside the multi storey carpark. From my point of view, I think the organizer should either change their venue next year or the management of the venue should look into their facilities there. There were only 2 working lifts there and the pace for the lift was even slower than walking up the stairs. We opt for the stairs instead as not to become part of the packed sardines in the lift. The event itself was a success looking at the crowds at the fair.

look at the crowd!

The whole area was like a warehouse for gadgets ranging from multimedia speakers to little pen drives. Not forgetting your usual desktop computers and note books. Even little accessories for your desktop and note books are on display and sold here such as note book pouches, arm rest, cooler etc etc.

BENQ, TOSHIBA, PenDrive, HP, acer

I was hesitating to blow a hole in my wallet but the temptation just gave in that night. I bought a nice set of speaker that looks like a house décor itself for only RM99.00 and also a Micro SD memory card at RM56.00 for 1Gb.

speaker that i bought

this is where i bought my memory card, CHEAP!

That’s a really good bargain considering the quality of the product that I got. Next time if the PC fair is here again, please lock me up.

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