Monday, December 18, 2006


I found Kuchings’ drivers annoying, inconsiderate and lazy. Why I said what I just said was because everywhere we turn or drive, we bound to bump into those drivers that fall into the categories that I’ve just mentioned. Let’s face it, who among us didn’t encounter a driver who suddenly turned to the left or right without prior notice by giving the proper signaling. They acted as if there’s no other cars on the road and as if the drivers behind them can read their mind when they are going to turn. If you simply lazy or ignorance to use your signal light provided to you in your car, please do us a favour and take it out since you are not going to use it. Might even save you some money next time if you wish to purchase a new car. Then there’s this group of drivers who drives as if the car is so heavy that it only can reaches 40 km/hr on the fast lane. Do they know that the purpose of the fast lane which by the way is the lane to the left is for FAST cars? Please don’t hog the road as if you are the only one using the road. I think if I go on about all the inconsiderate stuff the drivers do, I’ll bored you guys to death. I just want to remind all of you out there, please drive courteously and safely. Be a responsible driver.

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