Thursday, December 07, 2006


This is a follow up to my previous post “Zhi Wei”. After the hearty meal, we thought of what better way to finish off a meal than a nice dessert. I think GOD must have knew what we wanted and granted us our wish right there. We stepped out from Zhi Wei and were greeted with a new dessert shop just next door. How cliché! Tang Ren Dessert House is basically a traditional Chinese dessert shop selling hot and cold stuff.

Tang Ren dessert house

The interior looks basic with wooden tables and chairs, just like the shop next door. Pictures of their dessert decorated the red painted wall. Other than that, it was quite bare for a shop. I think what they want to convey here is that; don’t judge a book by its cover which meant their house special, DESSERT!

simple decor

Since we had our share of drinks next door, we skipped the herbal drinks section and go straight to the dessert section. We ordered mango pudding, lychee pudding with soy milk, sweet glutinous rice ball in soy milk and black glutinous rice with coconut milk.

hmm.... what to have??

The pudding was the cold dessert while the later two was hot stuff. The pudding was a refreshing dessert that is smooth and sweet with the fresh fruits juices. The sweet glutinous rice ball was stuff with peanut sauce, black sesame sauce or red bean paste and cooked in soy milk. A nice warm dessert that is not so sweet to makes you want a second helping. The black glutinous rice in coconut milk is a rich dessert that is fragrant with the smell of the coconut milk.

black glutinous rice, lychee pudding, glutinous rice ball, mango pudding

Other than what we ordered, they also have toast and Nyonya delicacies. The prices are very reasonable from RM1.80 for herbal drinks to RM3.00 for the hot or cold desserts. The Chinese believes that certain desserts can reduce the body heat on a hot day and keep the body warm on a cold night. They also believe that some desserts have medication benefits to our body. Let’s enjoy our dessert and have no guilt next time.

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