Thursday, December 21, 2006


Make your own hot chocolate. That’s what you get when you ordered the signature hot chocolate at Café Chino at Hilton Kuching. What you get basically are a mug of piping hot fresh milk accompany by a glass full of chocolate stick, an extra small cup of fresh milk and a cookie. It is all presented nicely on a rectangular serving plate waiting for you to make your own little experiment.

your set of hot chocolate making toy

You just have to dip the chocolate stick into the hot milk and let it melts. Slowly, you’ll see the white coloured milk turn into dark chocolate. It’s nice that they do this since you can control how chocolaty you want your hot chocolate to be.

just swirl your chocolate round and round

If you wan it to be mild, just add a little more milk or more chocolate if you want it rich. You can even ignore every step and eat the chocolate stick it self and drink the milk. That’s another way of enjoying you hot chocolate.

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