Monday, April 02, 2007


it's not a temple

Chill out place 101. It might look like a Chinese temple with its all red color but once inside, it’s a totally cool and chic place to chill out after a long hard day. A lot of other establishment had mushroom along the Padungan area in Kuching but this is the one that stands out from the crowd.


From outside its all red and inside, it’s tastefully done up with everything Chinese and Buddhism. It can be called Buddha bar of Kuching. There’s a pond in the middle of the lounge area with mini waterfalls to makes the whole environment more relaxing. There are just so many things to see and explore when you are there. Just be careful not to be mesmerized too much by the things around you til you fall into the pond. There are two levels of chill out zone for your pick.

ahhh..... the sound of flowing water...

again... this is not a temple

Buddha bar of Kuching

The food and beverage there are your normal lounge stuff with added extra. You can try out their health drinks that can either boost your energy, cleanse your body or perk you up. It’s all natural with lots of goodness. Now, who says you can stay healthy while lounging. If you looking for something to fill up your stomach, there’s a wide selection of cakes and pies to go with you drinks. The pies are highly recommended since we had two when we went there.

healthy and yummy food

Services there are handled with a big smile by their staff so you can just six down, relax and chill out.

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