Friday, April 27, 2007


I miss home!!! For the past few months, I’ve been away from the comfort of my own home because I had to travel for work purposes. I’ve been staying in my hotel room being served everyday with good house keeping and excellent food from the restaurants. The extremely comfortable goose down duvet and firm king sized bed with many luscious pillows welcomes you every night to bed. The spacious room with its own private mini patio overlooking to lush green man made jungle take away all worries. The Olympic sized swimming pool and well equipped gym with sauna take away all the stress from work.

my temporary bed

my temporary bathroom

my temporary patio

my temporary view

my temporary play ground

That’s what I’ve been living with for the past few months and furthers more to come. All this may sounds like a great life but I still miss home. Nothing beats my own bed and home. Don’t forget my two precious dogs. Don’t worry kids, daddy coming home soon!


Pete said...

Haha... Your life sounds comfortable.
I think what you need is a feeling of home.
No matter how, appreciate what you have now.
Get ready for your holiday!!!

Mouthful of Cyn said...

So where have you been hiding away, eh?

alexcjlau said...

Thx Pete!!!! A good holiday is what i need now. Hey Cyn! I didn't go into hiding. Always there in the same old Meow Meow town. Just been busy lately. How bout u? Miss those picture snapping days we had. Hmm.....