Friday, March 30, 2007


welcome to Borneo Highlands

We all know about Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands or even Frasier Hills. But have you heard of Borneo Highlands? Hmmm….. I bet you haven’t. This is like one of the many hidden gems in Sarawak that is not promoted properly. I went up there during the Chinese New Year holiday and it was really an eye opener for me not to mention a body and soul lifting experience. You have to booked your room at their office (Borneo Highlands Resort) located at RH Plaza near BDC in Kuching. They have many packages to suit different needs ranging from spa packages to golf packages. What we got is promotional package which is buy one free one. Great deal! You have to provide your own transportation up to the foot hill of the resort. The journey up takes you around 1 hour through small villages and lush greeneries. Once you reach the foot hill of the resort, you can parked you vehicles near their guard house and from there, the resort transport will take you up to the top. You can opt to drive up but I won’t do it if I were you. The road leading up is so steep that I felt we were on a roller coaster ride when travelling up to the resort. Once you reach the resort, it was all ohh….and ahh…. I never imagine a Cameron liked place exist in our own back yard. There’s waterfall and clear streams flowing through, clouds covered mountain tops, Dutch style chalet, crystal clear swan’s lake and not forgetting lots and lots of colorful flowers.

crystal clear waterfall

the real swan lake

dancing in the lake


rumours says that the house belong's to Tun Mahathir

beyond the mountain

my secret garden

this is where it all started

a rose for you

a flower for my mum

wild orchids

The resort’s staff will greet you with a refreshing glass of sugar cane and guide to your room. The services provided by the staff there are on par with those from Four Seasons or maybe more. Really admire their attentiveness and helpfulness. The rooms are simple yet cozy and overlook to the resort and beyond. It’s just like back to the nature. One thing that you have to know is the resort only serves organic vegetarian foods. I was a bit skeptical when I heard about it but changed my mind when I had my 1st meal there. It was something different and refreshing. Is makes the whole stay there like a cleansing spa sessions when you can enjoy their jungle spa for free. A really rejuvenating experience. They even provide tour around the whole resort and even bring you up to the Kalimantan border.

heaven on earth

shall i cross the border? hmmmm....

I know pictures are better than words so I better leave you with some pictures that I’ve taken. It was really an escape for me and I can’t wait for my next trip up again.


Leona said...

Nice pics...yea Borneo Highlands is such a gem aint' it ;P

Hong Kong Mac said...

Thanks for the info on Sarawak and Kuching. I have been there and enjoyed it. I even went to the cat museum! I hope you post some laksa pics there later...a favourite of mine!

alexcjlau said...

more food stuff coming up!!!

TiongWho said...

Wow... it really like a paradise