Monday, April 23, 2007



Fine dining, the phrase itself will make you think twice when you are going to dine at that place. Think about proper clothing (no t-shirts, shorts or slippers), proper table etiquette and have to speak softly will makes the whole dining experience kinda bored and stiff. There’s only a few restaurant in Kuching that can be considered fine dining status apart from those in the hotels. One of them is Magenta located at Nanas Road near to the infamous Sunday Market at Satok. Although it is considered a fine dining restaurant, it is more relaxed than other establishments. It’s more of a place for good food and great company without the rules and regulations of fine dining restaurant. They still serve great food and services though. The restaurant itself is an old wooden house bought over from a Baba Nyonya family some time ago. The compound is big enough to accommodate 30 cars and they still retain the old charm of the wooden house. If you passed by there, you won’t be able to tell that it is a restaurant except for the sign board in front of the gate. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with lace curtains to make the illusion of partition and the table and chairs used are of the old wooden type that you can see during the olden days. Sleeping Buddha and other oriental inspired art décor are strategically placed around the place makes the illusion that you have step back into time to an old Chinese house.

charming old house

relaxing patio outside the restaurant

soft lighting and wooden furniture makes the whole dining experience unforgetable

old charm

oriental inspired decor

sleeping Buddha

The food is mainly Italian with a mix of fusion cuisine. We didn’t order much that day because of a very heavy brunch we had earlier in the day. We had fried calamari rings and cheesy herb garlic bread for appetizer and tom yam soup. As for the mains, we ordered their special pizza and also cheesy steak for a change. The most anticipate part of the dinner is dessert. Since we went there on Sunday, the dessert is free with every main course you ordered. Magenta’s desserts are well known and we ordered tiramisu, carrot cake and a type of dessert with jelly, cream n cake in a glass.

health drinks (refreshing and healthy)

cheesy herb garlic bread (for those who love their cheese)

fried calamari rings (the batter is crispy and goes well with the tartar sauce)

tomyam soup (a great soup to lift up ur appetite)

fiesta pizza (authentic Italian pizza)

cheezy steak (an alternative to the usual, one bite, you'll want more)

tiramisu (rich and sinful, goes well with the crystalised caramel)

a new dessert (layers of cake, jello and cream)

The price for the food here are higher than normal restaurant but cheaper than those fine dining restaurant. A good place to go if you require a dose of good food and good environment without the hassle of being proper. Buon Appétito!

p/s: all pictures courtesy of Calvin


CJ said...

hey, nice pics!! :-) Appreciate your effort :-)

TiongWho said...

Wow... the decoration of the restaurant and the food served looks so special.
Must list all the nice restaurant you introduced
and have a visit during my next kuching travel.

Anonymous said...

that jelly-cake-cream thingy in a glass is called english's basically a layer of cake, fruits, jelly and custard :)