Thursday, April 19, 2007


Fairies do live on earth. Well, at least that’s what I thought of since there’s a place in Kuching called Fairy’s Cave. It’s a little unknown place about one and half hours drive from Kuching through the town of Bau heading towards Serikin. There’s sign board along the road so you won’t get lost, but if you do, do ask the lovely local people. They are more delighted to help you. There used to be guard’s to look after the place and rent out torch lights to visitor but now the guard house is empty. The facilities inside the cave like staircases, railings and resting platforms are not maintained properly anymore. Who to blame? Well, thanks to our ‘very efficient’ government and Sarawak Tourism Board for that. As I said earlier, they do like to do stuff but not maintained it. What is the purpose anyway? To get your name inside the newspaper? Let’s not talk about it and focused on the cave it self. You have to be fit and have fetish for height in order to fully enjoy the cave. It’s dark in some parts of the cave so it’s advisable to bring along a good torchlight and not forgetting a good pair of shoes that aren’t slippery. Other than that, you are advised to fully enjoy the splendid of nature and explore the many tunnels and depths of the cave. Words just can’t fully explain my experience in the cave so I live you with some pictures to enjoy. Just watch out for those guanos!

the empty guard house and the steps you have to climb to get up into the cave

more steps at the entrance of the cave

more steps inside the cave

even more steps to get into the main hall.... slippery.....

the great hall.... look at those steps...up n down... so many tunnel to explore... so little time...

the mouth of the cave.... this is wehere the bats come in and out

look!!!! a face.... hmmm......

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