Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hurray!!! Long holiday coming up. After a grueling and tiresome work day after another, I’m looking forward to my long awaited holiday by the beach. Yes, that’s where I’m heading to with a bunch of friends over the long holiday. Sun, sea and sand, what more could one asked for? Gonna get my much deserved rest and relax while soaking up the fresh air that my brain needed to revitalize it after all these while. See if I can also get some tan on my skin. Hehehe!


Pete said...

Which island is that?
Sipadan Island, Sabah?

It's nice to have friends travelling together.
I should have planned for my own as well.

alexcjlau said...

That's in Sematan, Sarawak. It's fun to travel with good friends. Glad i had a few with me. Really cherish them alot!