Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yes I’m happy that it’s my BIG day but on the other side, I’m sad that I’m getting older and didn’t seems to accomplish what I intend to do. My own Wawasan 2020! Nevertheless, I’m happy with what I have and than God for everything. My wish…… can’t tell you guys or else it won’t come true. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


xin said...

Hey happy birdday to u!

NickTay said...

happy burfdei

Pete said...

Oh... Happy Birthday~
Nice cake you have.
I guess you enjoy your birthday a lot.
Guys are increasing in value with increasing of their age.
So dun worry~

alexcjlau said...

TQ! TQ! TQ! I'm getting old but wiser!!! Hehehe!