Tuesday, November 21, 2006


“Ogenki desu ka.” I felt like revisiting the Memoirs of Geisha one night, so I head down to one of the many Japanese restaurants in town for my dinner. The place is situated at Jalan Mendu behind what used to be Spiderweb pub. The name Tomoe means turning or circular, referring to the motion of earth. It’s a small family Japanese restaurant that serves traditional Japanese fare like sashimi, sushi, tempayaki and other delicacies. The interior is simple yet cozy. Nothing in it really resembles a typical Japanese restaurant except for the sushi counter.

sushi counter

We ordered some set meal which comes with rice, soup and fresh fruits and also some sushi as side dishes.

set meal

The sushi here are prepared fresh by the Japanese chef and one bite, you’ll be asking for more. All the ingredients used for the sushi are fresh and only the best. With each bite, you can taste the freshness of the salmon or prawn that is wrapped around with the rice and other condiments.

what's left of the sushi platter when we finished with it

We also sample some of the tempura dishes and not forgetting the miso soup. The meal just makes you feel like you’re having a nice home cook meal in Japan. After a nice hot meal, what better way is to wash everything down with a nice hot cuppa of Japanese green tea.

tempura set meal

It’s a very worthy place to go considering the price that it comes with. Not as expensive as the other Japanese restaurant in town yet as delicious as those prepared in Japanese home. So until next time, “ki o tsukete and dewa mata”

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