Friday, November 10, 2006


I saw this fish while having lunch the other day at Popular Corner in Bintulu. One look at the fish, you’ll be marvel by the beautiful blue colour on its head and body. A friend of mine who is a fish expert told me that he never saw this kind of fish in blue colour. Amazing isn’t it? The fish is also very playful, keep on lifting up the oxygen tube at the bottom of the tank. One thing that makes me sad was to know that the fish is up for sale for dinner table at RM16.00 per 100 gram. Such a beautiful fish will be wasted in someone’s stomach. Sad world we live in. Just let’s hope that he will be rescued by a good man out there somewhere.

help me!!!


dezphrel said...

I feel pity for the fish. What to do, since it's edible for those cravers. Sooner human will become cannibalist...due to chemical contents in our daily food that have been consumed.

Lets pray...hahaha

alexcjlau said...

Yeah! Let us pray for the fish! Amen! Omitobah!

dezphrel said...

Let me correct you of pronoucing the Holy Buddha's name's Amitabha (as in Sanskrit) or Omitofatt (as in Canton)..haha.
Thanks for showing your sincerity and kindness to the pity one.