Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Life is full of up and down, just like sweet and sour taste when had everyday. Human beings have been identified as a very complex and mysterious creature among all living things known. Until today, we still can’t really explain why we have all this emotions and why we acted the way we act. Very intriguing indeed. That’s why we have people who think they are more superior to the rest. They think what ever they do is far better than others and look down or ignore those below their level. They even go to the extend of making the lives of other miserable in order to get what they want. Some even claimed to be a very religious person and what he preached is higher than the rest. These people are actually the lost souls searching for a reason to cover or make up for whatever they lack or lost. It’s a pity that they use the wrong method to be a better human being. Just hope they will eventually realized that we are all created equal in this world and if they still continue to be the person who they are, let’s stomp them like insects! Just kidding! Let us pray and hope they will find the light to be a better person.


Anonymous said...

hi there. I think you have done not bad a job here :-) CJ

alexcjlau said...

TQ! TQ! TQ! I'll try to improve more along the way.