Thursday, November 30, 2006


What a hectic week for me. Being working like a poor slave the whole week and that’s the reason for my absence from blogging. Finally finished my project and thought of sharing something I saw on my way back from work two days ago. There’s a small procession going on just near to the place I lived. The whole road was jammed up because of the people passing by for the procession. Apparently, the whole thing was to celebrate the opening of a new Taoist temple just in front of the place I lived. There’s the usual lion dance, people carrying giant joss stick and colorful flags.

lion dance

colourful flags

The thing that caught my attention is the people who have long steel rod pierce through their cheeks just like those you see during Thaipusam celebration.

izzit painful?

looks painful to me

Couldn’t take any nice shoots because I was grounded in my car. Nevertheless, enjoy this.

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